Live acoustic guitar workshop

I'm excited to announce that I'll be leading a live guitar workshop, called "The Foundations of Acoustic Lead Guitar." The workshop is in collaboration with Pinecone, taking place Wednesday May 19, 7-8:30 pm ET. Registration is now open! Sign up now to make sure your spot is secured. Follow the link for more info. Below is a short description of the workshop


All skill levels welcome 

Take the mystery out of solos and instrumentals by digging into the foundations of acoustic lead guitar. This workshop is for guitarists of all levels who wish to improve the general sound and feel of their playing. Participants will learn how to make melodies and lead lines sound more musical and interesting with techniques like sustain, rhythmic pulse, open strings, harmony notes, slurs, dynamics, and more. A classic song will be introduced as an example, followed by demonstrations on how to develop a compelling lead for that song, and then explanations on how the approach can be applied to other songs and situations. The focus will be on bluegrass and folk styles but can easily be transferred to any acoustic genre. Notated exercises and examples will be provided for all participants. 

Alan Barnosky is a guitarist and songwriter based in Durham, NC. He is a regular contributor for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and hosts the Monday night Beer & Banjos music series at The Pit in Durham. He performs as a solo songwriter, as a guitarist with the bluegrass four-piece Counterclockwise String Band, and as a bassist with the folk outfit Chatham Rabbits. His two studio albums have garnered attention from IndyWeek and The Bluegrass Situation and received a top 10 spot on the Folk DJ Chart.