1. Gypsy Sally's


I’m going down
the sun is setting low
I’m going down
the mid-Atlantic coast
with a guitar by my side
with that Potomac stretching wide
I’m going down

it’s tucked away
under the hum of an old freeway
just around the bend
with all my good time friends
it’s there I want to go
and boys it feels just home
I’m going down
to Gypsy Sally’s

there’s saxophone Joe
Dan Lipton and sweet Simone
and Silky Dave
with his rough and his rowdy ways
Ken’s singing drunken nights
and broken dreams
and we’re all fucked up again

this world is mean
things ain’t what they seem
I need to feel
I gotta know just what is real
some folks like to pray
others want to drink all day
but me I’m going down
to Gypsy Sally’s

some people say
things ain’t the same once you go away
well I’ve been gone
and been wondering all along
about those friends I left behind
and those memories on my mind
and how I can hold on

so when I’m down
and need some work around
or when I’m alone
and I feel I’ve got no home
I’ll just float on back
in my mind to that shack
they call
Gypsy Sally’s