My eyes are getting weary the days are growing dim
I don’t know how long I can keep living
All on my own with no place to call my home
Ever since you’ve gone

Sweetheart why’d the lord take you away
I feel like I’m dying each and every day
But now that you’re gone your voice will roll along
And it might be a call

Might be a call, a call from the other side
Might be a voice of which I am to guide
Might be nothing, my mind just playing games
But it might be a call

In the blanket of the night I can feel you so near
I can feel your voice calling me so clear
When the time is right me and you will reunite
It might be your call

Memories of a voice once so soft sweet and sincere
Sweeps through a gentle breeze into my ear
Without your memory I don’t know just where I’d be
It might be your call