1. Lonesome Road


There’s a long road just out of town
That can take you wherever you’ve got to go
That road is dark and that road is winding
But it will carry you home

There’s a long stream that heads down south
All the way down to the Gulf of Mexico
That stream is wide and that stream is muddy
But it will cradle your soul

If you ever get trapped if you get unlucky baby you got to go
If you ever get trapped if you get unlucky get on down that lonesome road

There’s a long track that heads due west
Where the mountains meet the sky
That track is old and that track is filthy
But it will rock you in the by and by

Once you get gone if you ever get weary
And a home place comes calling out to your heart
Just follow that road just follow that stream
Just follow that track all the way back to the start